Monday, September 13, 2010

Reflection on the Beach

This weekend was a gorgeous one, filled with a beautiful wedding down in Manteo NC (Rhi was a excellent flower girl, my husband a dashing groomsman), and much needed time at home after our first week back to work for this Mama and "school" (which is what we are calling daycare) for Rhi & Jamey.
However, it also got me to thinking about a few things.
Driving through the countryside of Great Bridge and Deep Creek Chesapeake and into NC before you hit the hustle of OBX made me feel so warm and fuzzy and homey...... all the things that I don't feel in VB, unless I am actually in my home.
I may have fought this realization for a long time, but it turns out this city girl really craves the easy, carefree feeling of country living. Here in VB, every moment is so rushed and packed to the brim with meeting this criteria or living up to so-and-so's standard of living, competing for every parking space and friend's time and best-behaved child..... it makes me sick just thinking about it. All things that, especially in the long run, don't matter one bit. The things that really matter: good solid friendships, stolen moments spent with your family doing simple things, meals cooked from scratch, a job done well and to last... are lost in the 8-lane roadways, double turn lanes and privacy fencing.
I started a job last week. Working almost 40 hours a week, Tuesday through Saturday, at a salon & spa down by the oceanfront. I put the kids in a daycare program. All decisions I made and I still take responsibility for. I think some important people in my life may disagree with those decisions, say I am wasting the most precious time in my children's lives on pursuing a selfish need to work this craft I am licensed for. And in some ways, those people may be right. I am a firm believer, though, that the kids will be happier in the long run because I was a happier person. Staying at home was making me feel stir-crazy and in turn, cranky and short-tempered. Just in one week, I have felt that start to lift and I know my time with my family has been better for it.
But driving down to this wedding this Saturday, passing by those small Mom-and-Pop stores and restaurants, seeing "big"  pieces of land, expanses of grass and trees, smelling a fire burning...... made me feel more fulfilled than any job probably ever could. So, I am stuck once again, faced with the thought that maybe what I needed wasn't to work this craft I am licensed for, but to work so that I can come home to an expanse of grass and trees, a porch, and no streetlights..... I feel like that is a sense of freedom that I am crying inside for my children, these two and those to come, to have every day.
So.... does that mean I need to work a job to stash some money away for that home in the country, so it's a little more within reach a little sooner? Is that my fulfillment, what I was craving that pushed me out of the house and my children into school? (However, let me note that daycare has been fantastic for Rhi and is providing her with an opportunity to expand her social skills and learn a lot. It's definitely been a great thing for her, despite whatever reason it started.)
This job terrifies me in a lot of ways. I am under an immense amount of pressure. But, I have the opportunity to do something I love, yes.

I am still struggling with what is more important, though: working as a hairstylist or working and coming home to that house in the trees, far away from the things I dislike so much about where we are, where the salon is, (things that, in my job, I help people to perpetuate?) right now.

Friday, August 6, 2010

August and some bugs

Hello all! Happy August Friday to you.
I'm doing a quick picture post, since I am way behind on those. Here goes:

Rhi & Mama's garden ladybugs out front at the Little House

Daddy & Rhi at the beach

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Health Update

Hello everyone! 
We are doing wonderfully down here in VB. We have had my mom, the GG, here for a 
few days and have gotten even better settled in to our little house. We are all 
thankful she was able to come down and spend some time with us, and thankful, 
also, of the help that Grandma, Papa, Grandma Bobbie and Auntie Joy were able to 
provide us on the initial trip! There are only a few boxes left now. :)
As some of you know, Rhiannon has been having some gastro-intestinal issues 
since we began the packing/moving process, experiencing only loose 
stools/diarrhea. Unfortunately, it has yet to improve (going on three weeks now) 
and since we were unable to resolve it with some diet changes at home, we have 
made two trips to the pediatrician here to get an idea of what is going on. The 
pediatrician has decided to cut all milk from Rhi's diet (can have soy milk 
only), no fruit (only one banana per day has been cleared and a small amount of 
applesauce), no juice, no oily/greasy foods. She can have three meals, two 
snacks, per day and they should be as "dry" as possible (bread, crackers, dry 
cereal, noodles, etc.), and 8 ounces of Pedialyte every other day. We are to 
keep her well hydrated, 16oz of soy milk and water always available. Then, we 
are also to make an appointment with the pediatric gastroenterologist at the 
hospital and see what they have to say.  It could be another month before we can 
be seen by that doctor, so we are to maintain as well as possible until then. We 
had a stool culture run on Saturday and it came back negative for everything, so 
infection has been ruled out. The ped. said today that this has been going on 
for such a long time now, that "just an upset tummy" or moving stress can be 
ruled out. Something in her gut is not happy, so these are the steps we have to 
take to find out what it is and how to fix it. She is also nursing a cough/runny 
nose right now, so our little girl is fairly unhappy most of the time. :( We are 
making do, though, and many trips to the beach, playing in the yard, and a heavy 
dose of Barney on the bad days has been making it okay. Please keep her in your 
prayers as we continue to work thru this!
On another note, Jamey is thriving. He is getting bigger everyday, more alert, 
and is an all around very happy and easy-going Little Dude. He smiles often, 
especially at his sister. 
Jeffery and I are well.

Hope this finds you healthy & happy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A much needed, much overdue UPDATE

So, welcome to mid-July! Bane of existence in VB, but here we are nonetheless.

And on that note, let it be known that the Jr. Roscoe family has been:
a) reunited
b) relocated


c) expanded. Hooray!

Jameson (or Jamey-pants, as we have been heard calling him) came into the world at 12:39am on Friday, May 14 2010. Mama was scheduled to be induced on that Monday and Daddy was to be present, but apparently Jamey had other plans. Aunt Joy was and excellent labor coach and post-birth, slept a very long time being emotional and physically exhausted from being so awesome. Daddy and Jamey met approximately 16 hours after he came into the world, and were very happy to do so. Since then, after another disappointing breastfeeding experience, some trouble finding the right formula, and a bit of a sodium/weight issue, the Little Dude is doing just fine. Rhiannon is an excellent big sister and helper, with only a few small 'bouts of jealousy for her Mama. Not too shabby.

Shortly thereafter, the Roscoe family was reunited and made the move back to Virginia Beach! The two-day, 16 hour trip was made July 5 & 6, and everyone (Rhi, Jamey, doggies, and extended family helpers) did great! (Although Rhi's first night sleeping in a hotel room was awful for Mama!) We are loving our new Little House and neighborhood, being close to the water and friends once again. I am happy to be back to cooking everynight and still, setting up house. The kids have their own rooms and we have a YARD! Dogs are happy. The Senior Roscoes, Joy and Grandma Bobbie spent a week here with us, moving in, and going to the beach. Good times were had by all, although the separation on Saturday night was bittersweet. We all know this move is necessary an for the best, but moving Rhi away from her Grandma, Papa, GG, Silly Grandpa, Auntie Joy & Uncle Dan will be the hardest part.

So far, things have been settling in here in VB fairly well. Just this week, I think we are experiencing our first moments of "where are the rest of my peeps?" from Rhi. She is trying to figure our how this new house is "home" when to her, "home" has been Grandma & Papa's house for as long as she could identify it. I remind myself often, that we must take one day at a time and that we will, most likely, have a few rough moments here and there, but they will pass and this family unit will become her "normal" soon enough. We were very blessed to do what we did in Michigan for the 16 months we were there, but it is time to come HOME and HOME we shall stay.

(On that note, in case any of our Michigan family is wondering, we are staying in VB for the holidays this year. Since Jeff & I have been married, we have never spent a Christmas here and after being away from each-other and VB for 16 months, we figured it was time to stay home and create some traditions of our own.)

Pictures to follow once I get the printer hooked up. :)

Happy Summer everyone!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another successful week

Passed my exam and got my license! Yeah!
Jeff's one step closer to have his certifications completed. Yeah!
Rhi is rocking a seriously snot-filled cold! Yeah!.......... wait. No yeah for that.
The landscapers finally finished mulching around the senior Roscoes house. Yeah!
I am still housing this Roscoe baby. Yeah!
My lovely sister-in-law got engaged while she was in Colorado. Yeah!
Yep, that's about it.

Sunday is Mother's Day! Make sure you say "THANK YOU" to your actual moms and those that have been "like a mom" to you.  :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pictures from Saturday

Rhi and I went to Dow Gardens in Midland, Michigan, on Saturday to do some pregnant pictures with the incredible Amber Henry Photography.
Here are two pictures for you to enjoy!

Allison on the steps.

Rhiannon in the tulips.

Friday, April 30, 2010

May is coming!

Here we are, yet again, on the eve of a "birth month." A month, that is, when a Roscoe baby is due! Hooray!
I am extra excited to meet this little person, but admittedly more excited for the little person to meet their daddy and big sister.
I feel like this time I kind of already "know" this baby, not entirely of course, but it has been a different experience being pregnant this time than when I was pregnant with Rhiannon. I think last time I spent most of the pregnancy being really nervous and scared..... about being a mom, having a baby to care for, giving birth, having my whole life change forever... you know, small things. Haha. This time, though, I've already given birth, been a mom, cared for a baby... my life has already changed and changed for the better... so what is there to be fearful or nervous about? (Yes yes, I'm well aware that "two children are different than one" blah blah blah.) I feel like I've been able to just savor growing a human life, being pregnant, this time, and really mentally get ready to expand our family yet again. Jeff and I both have so much love to give and share, and it's an incredible blessing that we are able to do that with Rhiannon and now, New Baby. God is amazing and I know we both are feeling all wrapped up in that amazingness right now, as we wait for the new miracle to arrive!

In other news, I passed my State Board Practical licensing exam this past Tuesday in Grand Rapids, and now will travel to Lansing this coming Tuesday to take the final written portion. Once that is completed and I pass, they will grant me my license right then and there! Awesome! I have some additional paperwork for the licensing board to fill out so I can receive licensure in Virginia, but I'm not worried about that. So excited to have this milestone behind us. On to the next challenge!
Should have some incredible pictures to post sometime next week, too, as I am doing an incredible pregnant photo shoot this Saturday with Amber Henry Photography . EXCITING!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Graduation Day

Turns out, I graduate from cosmetology school on Thursday.
This Thursday.
Oh man.

Not prepared!!!
Here's hoping I can get my state licensing exams scheduled and passed before the end of the month!

In other news, Rhi has moved from really easy at night to fairly whiny. Boo on that.

Jeff starts his next level of certification flights tomorrow. Prayers!

The Moses Basket linens and things for the new baby are ALMOST done. They are so cute! Can't wait to post a picture when it's all finished. And don't even get me started on the crib set - so awesome!

The house situation is looking promising. Jeff is working really hard on finishing the little renovations needed at the condo to get it listed and rented, and we may have found somewhere for us to move home to in July. It will be a huge weight off all of our shoulders once that is all settled. I am confident that God has something HUGE in store for us and we will understand it all in time. What's my key word in all this? HIS time, not mine. Once again, patience (my nemesis!)!

And I think that's it from the land of Roscoe at present. Happiness to all!

Monday, April 12, 2010

To keep in touch....

That's why I started this thing. To keep in touch with everyone we love across the country.
I'm hoping it will be easy for everyone to check at random, for Jeff & I to post pictures and updates, and not too complicated for anyone. We shall see. Only time will tell.

Let's see.....

Rhiannon is 17 months old, climbing like a monkey, loves to be outside, and a very very good kid. She's taught me a lot over the past year, about patience and being genuinely excited about things. I love that about her. She has no reason to hide her true feelings about anything because she has yet to experience self-consciousness or embarrassment. Lord help us, I hope it stays that way for a long time.  She loves fruit, ladybugs (or maybe its just bugs in general), Elmo & (ugh!) Barney, dogs, Old McDonald, shoes (ha!), being outside, and her "people." Every day is exciting to her. She definitely has that typical toddler characteristic where she feels everything at extremes, but for the most part, she is just curious about it all and happy to discover it exists. We are so incredibly blessed to have her in our lives, because she really does remind everyone to find and focus on the good things, no matter how silly or small.
New Baby Roscoe is due May 21st, 2010. I know what the sex is, but Jeff does not, so for his enjoyment, we are keeping the secret till the baby makes its debut. I am excited about having another living combination of the two of us, but a little concerned about the whole "two under two" thing. I've heard from other parents that it's very intense and tiring, but totally worth (so.... just like most worthwhile things!). I am hoping, also, that the Navy keeps Jeff stateside for a few months so he can experience this new person and our new family dynamic to the fullest, before they send him out again. I am trying to re-familiarize myself with the things and routines a little baby needs, as we have been away from them for quite some time. I also have to remind myself that Rhi was (and still is) a very easy child, and this one may not be that way.
Xeus & Lunabell are much the same as they have always been: good dogs. They have flourished in their year at Grandma & Grandpa Roscoe's and I know that it is going to be hard on all involved parties when we go home in July.
As for Allison (that's me), I'm about to graduate with my cosmetology license here in the next few days, about to embark on the crazy journey of dual motherhood in a couple weeks, and ready to have my little family be whole again in VB in a few months. Changes are a'coming, and in big ways. I am realizing more all the time that I am going to have to lean on The Power bigger than me to get through any of them with my sanity.
And Jeffery...... he's just Jeffery. :) He's made it through a long year by himself at home and he's been incredible through the whole thing.
We are all excited to be together again soon.