Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A much needed, much overdue UPDATE

So, welcome to mid-July! Bane of existence in VB, but here we are nonetheless.

And on that note, let it be known that the Jr. Roscoe family has been:
a) reunited
b) relocated


c) expanded. Hooray!

Jameson (or Jamey-pants, as we have been heard calling him) came into the world at 12:39am on Friday, May 14 2010. Mama was scheduled to be induced on that Monday and Daddy was to be present, but apparently Jamey had other plans. Aunt Joy was and excellent labor coach and post-birth, slept a very long time being emotional and physically exhausted from being so awesome. Daddy and Jamey met approximately 16 hours after he came into the world, and were very happy to do so. Since then, after another disappointing breastfeeding experience, some trouble finding the right formula, and a bit of a sodium/weight issue, the Little Dude is doing just fine. Rhiannon is an excellent big sister and helper, with only a few small 'bouts of jealousy for her Mama. Not too shabby.

Shortly thereafter, the Roscoe family was reunited and made the move back to Virginia Beach! The two-day, 16 hour trip was made July 5 & 6, and everyone (Rhi, Jamey, doggies, and extended family helpers) did great! (Although Rhi's first night sleeping in a hotel room was awful for Mama!) We are loving our new Little House and neighborhood, being close to the water and friends once again. I am happy to be back to cooking everynight and still, setting up house. The kids have their own rooms and we have a YARD! Dogs are happy. The Senior Roscoes, Joy and Grandma Bobbie spent a week here with us, moving in, and going to the beach. Good times were had by all, although the separation on Saturday night was bittersweet. We all know this move is necessary an for the best, but moving Rhi away from her Grandma, Papa, GG, Silly Grandpa, Auntie Joy & Uncle Dan will be the hardest part.

So far, things have been settling in here in VB fairly well. Just this week, I think we are experiencing our first moments of "where are the rest of my peeps?" from Rhi. She is trying to figure our how this new house is "home" when to her, "home" has been Grandma & Papa's house for as long as she could identify it. I remind myself often, that we must take one day at a time and that we will, most likely, have a few rough moments here and there, but they will pass and this family unit will become her "normal" soon enough. We were very blessed to do what we did in Michigan for the 16 months we were there, but it is time to come HOME and HOME we shall stay.

(On that note, in case any of our Michigan family is wondering, we are staying in VB for the holidays this year. Since Jeff & I have been married, we have never spent a Christmas here and after being away from each-other and VB for 16 months, we figured it was time to stay home and create some traditions of our own.)

Pictures to follow once I get the printer hooked up. :)

Happy Summer everyone!

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