Thursday, July 29, 2010

Health Update

Hello everyone! 
We are doing wonderfully down here in VB. We have had my mom, the GG, here for a 
few days and have gotten even better settled in to our little house. We are all 
thankful she was able to come down and spend some time with us, and thankful, 
also, of the help that Grandma, Papa, Grandma Bobbie and Auntie Joy were able to 
provide us on the initial trip! There are only a few boxes left now. :)
As some of you know, Rhiannon has been having some gastro-intestinal issues 
since we began the packing/moving process, experiencing only loose 
stools/diarrhea. Unfortunately, it has yet to improve (going on three weeks now) 
and since we were unable to resolve it with some diet changes at home, we have 
made two trips to the pediatrician here to get an idea of what is going on. The 
pediatrician has decided to cut all milk from Rhi's diet (can have soy milk 
only), no fruit (only one banana per day has been cleared and a small amount of 
applesauce), no juice, no oily/greasy foods. She can have three meals, two 
snacks, per day and they should be as "dry" as possible (bread, crackers, dry 
cereal, noodles, etc.), and 8 ounces of Pedialyte every other day. We are to 
keep her well hydrated, 16oz of soy milk and water always available. Then, we 
are also to make an appointment with the pediatric gastroenterologist at the 
hospital and see what they have to say.  It could be another month before we can 
be seen by that doctor, so we are to maintain as well as possible until then. We 
had a stool culture run on Saturday and it came back negative for everything, so 
infection has been ruled out. The ped. said today that this has been going on 
for such a long time now, that "just an upset tummy" or moving stress can be 
ruled out. Something in her gut is not happy, so these are the steps we have to 
take to find out what it is and how to fix it. She is also nursing a cough/runny 
nose right now, so our little girl is fairly unhappy most of the time. :( We are 
making do, though, and many trips to the beach, playing in the yard, and a heavy 
dose of Barney on the bad days has been making it okay. Please keep her in your 
prayers as we continue to work thru this!
On another note, Jamey is thriving. He is getting bigger everyday, more alert, 
and is an all around very happy and easy-going Little Dude. He smiles often, 
especially at his sister. 
Jeffery and I are well.

Hope this finds you healthy & happy!

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