Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Graduation Day

Turns out, I graduate from cosmetology school on Thursday.
This Thursday.
Oh man.

Not prepared!!!
Here's hoping I can get my state licensing exams scheduled and passed before the end of the month!

In other news, Rhi has moved from really easy at night to fairly whiny. Boo on that.

Jeff starts his next level of certification flights tomorrow. Prayers!

The Moses Basket linens and things for the new baby are ALMOST done. They are so cute! Can't wait to post a picture when it's all finished. And don't even get me started on the crib set - so awesome!

The house situation is looking promising. Jeff is working really hard on finishing the little renovations needed at the condo to get it listed and rented, and we may have found somewhere for us to move home to in July. It will be a huge weight off all of our shoulders once that is all settled. I am confident that God has something HUGE in store for us and we will understand it all in time. What's my key word in all this? HIS time, not mine. Once again, patience (my nemesis!)!

And I think that's it from the land of Roscoe at present. Happiness to all!

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