Friday, April 30, 2010

May is coming!

Here we are, yet again, on the eve of a "birth month." A month, that is, when a Roscoe baby is due! Hooray!
I am extra excited to meet this little person, but admittedly more excited for the little person to meet their daddy and big sister.
I feel like this time I kind of already "know" this baby, not entirely of course, but it has been a different experience being pregnant this time than when I was pregnant with Rhiannon. I think last time I spent most of the pregnancy being really nervous and scared..... about being a mom, having a baby to care for, giving birth, having my whole life change forever... you know, small things. Haha. This time, though, I've already given birth, been a mom, cared for a baby... my life has already changed and changed for the better... so what is there to be fearful or nervous about? (Yes yes, I'm well aware that "two children are different than one" blah blah blah.) I feel like I've been able to just savor growing a human life, being pregnant, this time, and really mentally get ready to expand our family yet again. Jeff and I both have so much love to give and share, and it's an incredible blessing that we are able to do that with Rhiannon and now, New Baby. God is amazing and I know we both are feeling all wrapped up in that amazingness right now, as we wait for the new miracle to arrive!

In other news, I passed my State Board Practical licensing exam this past Tuesday in Grand Rapids, and now will travel to Lansing this coming Tuesday to take the final written portion. Once that is completed and I pass, they will grant me my license right then and there! Awesome! I have some additional paperwork for the licensing board to fill out so I can receive licensure in Virginia, but I'm not worried about that. So excited to have this milestone behind us. On to the next challenge!
Should have some incredible pictures to post sometime next week, too, as I am doing an incredible pregnant photo shoot this Saturday with Amber Henry Photography . EXCITING!

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