Monday, October 31, 2011

New post on A NEW COMPUTER!

Yes, that's right. We have transferred (mostly) everything over from the iMac to a brand new HP desktop, which I am presently typing away on in our (in the process of being re-designed) third bedroom. (More on that later) The new computer is nice, but has taken a little bit of getting used to; no matter how much the iMac aggravated me, there are a few "short-cuts" I had grown used to. However, I am much happier already with a PC instead of the iMac (sorry tech-y friends).

J and I, after much thought on our current living situation, the housing market, our "other house" (the condo), our life plan, etc. have recently decided on trying really hard to maximize the space we have in The Little House, since we are now (firmly) planning to stay in it until God and the Navy move us elsewhere. J just remarked the other day how this is the first time, in the year and a half that we've lived here, that he really feels like we are "moving in." Strange, but when you think about it, we moved in here much like we moved into the condo: we needed a place now + it was available = welcome! So, my apologies to The Little House for not appreciating you in the beginning and please prepare yourself to be modified and maximized.
Another good side effect of all this power purging and space repurposing is that it is going to force proud Me to post some pictures of Little House (finally) so you can all pat me on the back about my awesome decorating skills.
We are still working into a steady weekly routine here. I had hoped by now to have the printer set up so I could start making my workbooks for Squeak but it hasn't happened yet. We do have a few weekly outings I hope to make habits: the Virginia Aquarium has a great Toddler Trek program on Thursday, that gets the kids outside and learning about animals, and with our membership, it's free! Wednesday nights at church, they offer a "Family Night" which includes a home cooked dinner and kids activities, plus a bible study for adults. It's also the night when they have Adult Choir practice - I'm planning to be a part of that (pray for some courage! It's been a long time since I've sung in public for performance purposes!).
Tonight is Halloween and I am excited for both of the kids to have an active role in Trick Or Treating tonite! We will be staying home to hand our candy at first, as J has to fly tonite until 6:30 or 7pm. I am hoping he gets done a little early and can head home so we can get out to get some candy ourselves. Last year, Big was so little he just stayed in J's arms and it was Squeak who got all the candy. We made it down and around our little Court and that was it, so we will see how we do this time. I'll post pictures later this week of them in their costumes!
On the cooking front, I modified my mom's Monkey Bread recipe to make individual jumbo "muffins" instead of the usually bundt loaf. The original ingredients made 10 muffins and by the next day I only had 2 left! That stuff is so good. I am also making a Loaded Baked Potato Soup in the slow cooker for tonite (from Crock Pot Girls). I'm hoping to make peanut butter cookies with M&M's in them this week with Squeak.
That's all for today! Have a great week!

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